Student Life

Student Life at Trinity

  • Grab a pastry at the bakery next door.
  • Try a new ethnic restaurant for dinner.
  • Catch a glimpse of the Cascade Mountains from the campus library.
  • Cheer on Trinity’s soccer team.
  • Take an early morning swim at the YMCA.
  • Cheer on a local hockey or baseball team.
  • Invite friends to your apartment for dinner.
  • Take a trip to downtown Seattle.
  • Grab your skis and head for the mountains.

All of this –and more– is part of the Trinity experience. Our location provides a wealth of cultural, educational, and entertainment treasures to be explored – not to mention we are 30 miles from downtown Seattle.

Trinity’s campus life also includes a host of student activities, ranging from worship to entertainment to student leadership opportunities. Students also connect with friends (old and new) at weekly activity nights and weekend retreats.

Explore all that’s fun about Trinity with the links below or start by taking a virtual tour!