What is it?

Psychology is the study the human mind and behavior. The field of psychology asks questions such as, How do human beings learn?  Why do marriages succeed or not?  How can we best help someone who is suffering from depression, bipolar disorder or other mental illnesses?

As a Trinity psychology major you will study human psychological development, psychological research methods and theories and human behavior in a Christian context. This will prepare you to respond ethically and sensitively to the complex individual and social issues you will encounter—no matter what field you choose.

Psychology at Trinity

You can develop an area of specialty based on your interests, including clinical psychology, sports and exercise psychology, industrial/organizational, psychology and ministry, forensic psychology, and neuropsychology.

What degree will I get?

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology

What can I do with it?

Pursue graduate studies. Go into corporate human resources. Work with at-risk youth or the elderly. Take a sales position. Work in a social services agency.

Application Process

To become a Psychology major, apply to the program during the spring semester of your sophomore year.


The Psychology Department faculty are leaders in teaching, research and application in their field. The team brings a dynamic confluence of different perspectives and expertise. Learn more about our faculty team and department head Dr. Betsi Little.

Resume-building practicums:
  • Researcher for the Everett Symphony Orchestra
  • Children’s play supervisor for the Everett Children’s Museum
  • Volunteer Match and Resource Coordinator for the Volunteers of America
  • Intern for Trial and Litigation Consultants
  • Seattle Union Gospel Mission Drug Recovery Intake volunteer