Psychology at Trinity

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Students in the Psychology program study human psychological development, research methods and theories and human behavior. They are prepared to respond ethically and sensitively to the complex individual and social issues they will encounter—no matter what career they choose.

Four Tracks

Forensic: The interfacing of criminology, sociology and psychology.

Clinical: Specialization in the clinical setting as a therapist, counselor or school psychologist.

Sports & Exercise: Group performance and individual performance.

Industrial/Occupational: Psychology in the business and human resources arenas.

What makes it distinct?

Trinity’s Psychology major emphasizes critical thinking, written skills and research skills, so students receive a well-rounded education and learn to both ask good questions and find answers to them. In addition, all students in the program do individual research, which is nearly unheard of in larger psychology programs, and small classes allow for hands on and individual mentorships from faculty, which regularly lead to internships and jobs after graduation.

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