A Light on a Hill: A Strategic Plan for Trinity Lutheran College

This is an exciting time to be Trinity. In February, the Board of Directors adopted “Light on a Hill,” a strategic plan to guide the college from 2011 to 2014.

Trinity’s history has emphasized Christ-centeredness, spiritual renewal, and preparation for service in the Church and the world. For nearly seven decades the college has necessarily adapted to its most present realities, often taking risks in the face of uncertainty, yet moving deliberately and with boldness in carrying out the compelling mission to empower faithful servant leaders.

Now in our 67th year, Trinity faces a defining moment. We must honestly acknowledge our realities, squarely face our challenges, and create effective strategies for propelling the college into the future. Our heritage equips us well and we commit ourselves both to our biblical center and to solid academic preparation of our students.

The 10 objectives in our new strategic plan are generally built around the following emphases:

  • Vocational & Spiritual Discernment
  • Innovation
  • Enrollment Growth
  • Strengthen the Fundamentals

Learn more about the strategic plan at www.tlc.edu/strategic.