We are different

We are different!

We differ in many ways. We are different races and come from different cultural backgrounds. Some of us grew up in big cities and some are from small towns. Some live with a mom and dad and some don’t. Some earn A’s while others earn B’s or C’s. Some pray a lot and some pray just a little.

When all these differences are brought together in a learning community, something special begins to take shape. At Trinity, we see and experience our diverse culture as a true gift. We have the opportunity to learn about one another and share of ourselves. Appreciation of another perspective is a sign of maturity and wisdom. Our student-learning environment allows this to happen daily.

I believe there are three dimensions to our unique and diverse learning environment at Trinity Lutheran College:

  1. We are truly diverse. Students of color make up 45% of our community and Caucasian students make up 55%. Our students come from every major racial ethnic group and from 10 countries. They come from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds, and while some grew up in a city or suburb, others grew up in a more rural setting.
  2. Our small intimate size is the perfect environment to truly get to know people, gain insight from their world, listen to their perspective and learn from their life experience. Our students often say their voices are “truly heard” at Trinity.
  3. Lastly, our community welcomes differences and values each person for who they are. People are attracted to the college because of our diverse environment. This makes for a unique community.

One dimension about Trinity’s diversity is our diversity of faith. This wonderful mosaic of belief is alive and well in this wonderful place. Yet even with individuals from various faith and non-faith backgrounds studying at the college, we remain committed to our Christian core: students learn about Jesus, they study the Bible, they engage in service to our community and they pray. As a campus community, we remain steadfast in our mission to teach and train leaders to serve Christ and society.

If you haven’t been to Trinity in a while, come visit us. Stop by, take a campus tour and stay for lunch (I’m buying!). I believe our diverse community will impact you in ways you can’t even begin to imagine.

In Christ,

John W. Reed