As we begin a new year

Greetings Trinity Followers!

I thought it would be a good time to update my blog. Nine months since my last post is not a good thing. But as you can imagine, I have been busy with a few things in those nine months. So let me take a minute to update you on them.

We are so pleased to report our success in student enrollment. This fall we have exceeded 200 students and have grown by nearly 17%.  We need to keep improving our enrollment situation, so please keep referring us to prospective students, “talking up” all the college’s strengths. Here is our recent press release on the fall enrollment,

As pleased as I am with the growth of our student enrollment, I am even more excited about the development of our students. Erik Samuelson, Campus Pastor and Director of Spiritual and Vocational Formation, has done an incredible job leading our Vocation and Formation classes, required for all incoming first year students. Recently I reviewed the yearly evaluation from our students in this course, and these two comments were especially insightful:

  •  “The Lavik Lecture was probably the most meaningful activity to me. I am still thinking about what was learned there.”
  • The book Let Your Life Speak was very meaningful, because it helped identify my strengths and weaknesses in my vocation.

At Trinity, we are serious about helping students find their God-directed purpose in their life and career.  I am grateful to our Vocation & Formation faculty for leading this important course.

You also may remember that in 2010 we launched a three-year strategic plan entitled “Light on the Hill.” I am thankful for what we have accomplished toward our strategic goals to date, and I’d like to provide you with a brief overview of our progress to date. Please follow this link to read about our progress and challenges.

As we begin a new year at Trinity, filled with gratitude for so many gifts in our midst, we also give thanks for the gift of so many faithful alumni, donors, parents and friends. I want to thank each of your for praying for all of us at Trinity Lutheran College. Your support is so important in the work that we do.

My best,

John W. Reed