Monthly Archives: August 2012


On September 12, a production team from the CNN program “Viewpoints with Terry Bradshaw” will be on campus filming footage for their “innovative faith-based colleges” segment featuring Trinity Lutheran College.

As we have offered input about the program’s script and prepared for the filming, we’ve spent some time re-asking some of the questions that are common ones around here. Questions like, What role do we play in the future of higher education? What’s our vision for Trinity? These questions keep us moving forward, toward our mission statement and toward excellence as a college.

Last year as part of the strategic plan, you often heard me refer to the phrase “small is the new big.” But let me clarify a little bit what I mean with that statement and how it fits into Trinity’s role in higher education.

One of the blessings of being a small college is that we are able to do things that are innovative with relative ease. We can meet the demand for quality higher education that is forward thinking in ways that larger schools cannot because they have more students, more faculty, more committees, and more channels to navigate.

Our vision at Trinity is to utilize the opportunity we have to be nimble and make decisions quickly. We can “think outside the box” and do things that are needed now, instead of taking months or years to achieve them. Once we see that there is a specific need in higher education, we are uniquely situated to meet that need. And if we continue to do our work with integrity and quality, we are establishing ourselves as a solid institution that’s making amazing contributions to higher education.

When we talk about what we do in higher education, you can rest assured that we remain committed to core concepts that make Trinity unique and special—concepts like:

  1. Keeping classes small. This is an important part of the education we’re providing.
  2. Maintaining our biblical curriculum at the center of our required coursework for students, allowing them to engage with questions of Christian faith, mission, and service.
  3. Offering unique opportunities students won’t get at bigger schools, like travel classes during January Term or a three-year degree program that ends in a job.

These types of programs and opportunities at little Trinity are evidence of a small college working to address some of the big issues in higher education.

As we head into our 69th academic year at Trinity, we look forward to the ways God will use us to change the lives of students and help contribute in positive and forward-thinking ways to higher education in Washington. Please join in praying for Trinity as we welcome 75 new students and begin another fantastic academic year.