Monthly Archives: December 2010

Saying “YES!”

reedanddeborahA central dimension for those who call themselves Christians is that they have chosen to accept the concept of faith. They understand that in order to receive what God might have for them, they must trust, live, and act in the absence of certainty. The author of Hebrews writes in 11:6, “Without faith it is impossible to please God.” An exciting aspect to following Christ is dwelling within the mystery of faith. We live not knowing what’s waiting around the bend.

Over the years, those who inspire me the most, and those who have the greatest impact on others, are the ones who say yes to bold risks! They understand that living a life of yes allows God to use their talents and gifts to fulfill the call that we are God’s workmanship.

deborahSince coming to Trinity, I have been inspired by a person who generously volunteers her time to lead, challenge and change Trinity. Eighteen months ago, I met Deborah Squires during a visit to campus to interview for the interim Executive Director position. I was immediately impressed by Deborah’s clarity, her leadership, her experience, and her wisdom. Moreover, I was impressed that the new board of directors vice chair, who is also vice president of Snohomish County United Way, had only been involved directly with the college since the move to downtown Everett.

Deborah Squires lives her life finding ways to say yes. In the last 12 months, she said yes to serve as board vice chair, she said yes to serve as a member of the Celebration of Service committee, she said yes to providing leadership as chair of the Presidential Search Committee, she said yes to participating on the Inauguration Committee, and, finally, she said yes to being a member of the new Strategic Planning Steering Committee. Wow! What would we do without her? How is God using her presence, insight and leadership in the future of Trinity? I know as the new president that I could not be more thankful for her involvement and her willingness to serve both Trinity and God by saying yes.

Likewise, I want to thank so many of you for saying yes to Trinity/LBI over the years. We are blessed to have so many faithful supporters. Yet, I have to be honest: In order for Trinity to thrive, we need more people to pray and seek ways to say yes to the learning and the ministry happening here on a daily basis.

Give me a call if you, too, want to say yes!