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Mighty Trinity

Mighty Trinity…

This phrase came to me from our new Head Women’s Soccer Coach, Daniel Hicker. Several weeks ago, as he was describing his team and the challenges that lay ahead for the season, he noted what great people were on his team, and that he knew it was going to be an exciting year. He knew that “Mighty Trinity” was going to make history.

That same afternoon, our first-ever soccer team took the field against The Evergreen State College (enrollment 4,000) at Everett Memorial Stadium (seating for 3,500) and we assembled our enthusiastic crowd of 25! Earlier that day, I had to tell Daniel the nine players he hoped to have for the match was being cut to eight, due to an eligibility requirement. We all knew it would be a challenge to demonstrate our quality, but we did.

The Lady Eagles: Mighty TrinityIt was amazing to watch Mighty Trinity in action: 8 playing against 11 -no subs- in our first collegiate match ever! Final score: Trinity 2-Evergreen 0. What made Trinity mighty was not the score, but the attitude of our team working together, with the occasional extra burst of energy from one individual or another to carry the rest of the team. Each player set aside the odds and circumstances, focused on what we could do, and ultimately got the job done!

Mighty Trinity…

This scrappy women’s team is a microcosm of our little college: For 67 years, the little underdog college; others have given up even against better odds; of the original 16 Lutheran Bible Institutes, only Trinity remains in the game. Mighty Trinity, bowing to God’s faithful hand over us, remains and in many ways thrives!

We are so humble and grateful for this new academic year in which we renew our commitment as a community to learn, work, worship, and serve together. We start the year with over 70 new students, the most we have had in nearly 15 years. As a community, we still have many challenges facing us, but we will do like the Mighty Trinity soccer teams and focus on what we can do, rely on God, and get the job done.

For a long time, one of my favorite verses of scripture has been Ephesians 3:20: “Now to him who is able … to do exceedingly abundantly beyond all that we can ask or think (imagine) according to the power that works within us.” We are mighty in a unique way. Trinity is mighty because of the grace, mercy and power we receive from Christ as we find practical, authentic ways to live by faith. We stare down tough odds with peace and joy because we can trust that GOD IS ABLE.


Hidden Teachers

On occasions, the greatest teachers are often overlooked. They are out there ready to teach us, but for some poor learners, like me, they are somehow hidden from our sight. These dynamic “hidden teachers” are named adversity and affliction.

Why is it that so often our greatest learning moments come in pain, despair, trouble, disappointment and hardship? Why is it that I am I so sure of myself I don’t seem to learn until the teachers of adversity and affliction take over the class? Dang it, I wish we sat in the front row during prosperity and affluence, but that is NOT the way we are made. We love to be self-reliant and when things go well, we don’t seem to attend class at all. I guess we hope one of the smart ones attend class and takes good notes.

“How gracious He will be when you cry for help. Although the Lord gives you the bread of adversity and the water of affliction, your teachers will be hidden no more, with your own eyes you will see them” Isaiah 30:19

In order to be sustained physically we need bread and water, so too, in order to learn, accept the good bread of adversity and the sustaining water of affliction.