Who knew?

Trinity’s size leads to big benefits for our students

Trinity graduates

Our11:1 student-to-faculty ratio is rare—few colleges offer this kind of intimate learning environment. At Trinity, each student receives a handcrafted education. You benefit from individualized mentoring that helps you discover your strengths, gifts and talents as well as where these intersect with a career.

Your voice matters, and we’re small enough to listen to it.

Why our intimate size matters:

  • Small classes require your participation and increase your critical thinking.
  • In a big school you sit and listen to a lecture. At Trinity, you find yourself engaged in classroom dialogue.
  • On a larger campus you stay just long enough to go to class. At Trinity, you find yourself eating lunch alongside the college president or academic dean.
  • With personalized guidance, you grow to be an excellent scholar during your years at Trinity.