Caroline Coffey

Caroline CoffeyCaroline Coffey, 2011
Business, Leadership & Management

“Education is a smart way to invest in yourself,” says Caroline Coffey, a 2011 Trinity graduate.

Why? Because your education can get you a pretty amazing job.

Coffey’s business degree landed her a Methods Analyst position in the 767 program at Boeing.

“My job is interesting in that I work alongside everyone from factory workers to managers to executives,” Coffey said. “There are many projects I get to be involved in that have meaningful value. Just helping build airplanes is pretty awesome.”

“My business degree from Trinity was a prominent asset to obtain this job. Trinity opened doors to opportunities that I couldn't have received anywhere else,” she said.

Coffey credits the vast knowledge and experience of Stuart Webber, Professor & Chair of Business, Leadership & Management, for an education that has proven to be useful in everyday life.

“I would tell future students that the critical thinking skills you obtain in college are the building blocks for future success,” she said.

“Working for Boeing is enjoyable and the paycheck is a great reward. I feel lucky to have landed such a good job within a few years of leaving Trinity,” said Coffey.