Residence Life & Housing

Residence Life & Housing

Trinity is a small private school located in the heart of an urban environment. Surrounded by city blocks, Trinity strives to be a place of community, where students, faculty, and staff can work together to grow academically and personally. Our dedicated faculty and staff are committed to the growth of our students. Through campus living, students will gain an additional space in which to learn and grow both intellectually and in their personal lives. Through community living, students will gain a greater appreciation for the ways in which their academic experience impacts their everyday lives.

Research shows that students who live on campus during their college years are more likely to be involved on campus and will therefore be more likely to graduate. While all students are welcome and encouraged to live in the Trinity Apartments, students who are under 21 years of age (as of the first day of the semester), and are not living with family within 25 miles of campus are required to live in the Trinity Apartments.

Deposit dates:

June 1: Housing deposits due
July 1: Last day to cancel housing and be eligible for a return of housing deposit for Fall semester
July 15: Housing assignments made for students who deposit by June 1
August 7: Housing assignments made for students who deposit June 1-July 1
Students who submit their deposit after July 7 will receive their housing assignment when they arrive on campus.

Move in dates:

Jan. 10, 2016: Spring Semester move in 9 a.m.- 9 p.m.