Both on and off campus, locally and globally, volunteers work hard on behalf of Trinity Lutheran College. Here are just a few of the examples of how you can become involved no matter where you live.

Opportunities include:
• Coordinating/planning an alumni gathering in your area
• Become an area or class representative
• Become a member of the Alumni Board
• Speak to current students about your ministry or career
• Serve at receptions during Advent, Spring Concerts, Presidential Receptions, etc.

Email Info@TLC.edu to volunteer or find out more.

Congregational and community opportunities include:
• Give a "chancel chat" or "temple talk" at your church to tell others about Trinity and invite members to events.
• Place Trinity materials (catalog, viewbook, and poster) in the office, bulletin board area, or narthex of your church, school, or workplace.
• Host a student as an Intern at your church, school, or workplace.

Email alumni@TLC.edu to find out more or request a Trinity Lutheran College Promotional Packet by emailing admissions@TLC.edu.