Trinity Faculty

At Trinity, you’ll find that our faculty are skilled classroom teachers as well as scholars in their respective fields. Add to that an occasional dinner at a faculty member’s home, and you’ll see why life at a small college like Trinity offers such academic and personal benefits to students.

When you study at Trinity you’ll have many opportunities to work closely with faculty members. As teachers and mentors, our faculty will help you plan an academic journey that allows you to explore your passions and accomplish your goals and dreams.

Why We’re Different

As a Trinity student, you can expect the best from your professors, as your personalized learning experience is their priority. As you browse through the list of our accomplished faculty, you’ll see that they are scholars and researchers in their fields, many of them holding the highest degree they can earn. But they also love students and make themselves accessible.

Whether they work one-on-one with you to understand a theoretical concept, share a cup of coffee while you debate a topic, help you connect to a community internship, or cheer you on as you move toward your goals, our faculty are here to guide you.

Facts About Trinity Faculty

Our faculty have lived and studied in places as far away as Tanzania, Norway, England, Thailand, and India.

The average student to faculty ratio is 11:1.

What Students Say About Our Faculty

“My professor is always available to answer questions from students, even if they seem unending. If he doesn’t know the answer to a question off the top of his head, he will work until he finds the answer, then hunt you down until he finds you and explains what he learned. He genuinely cares for each of his students; they are not just names or faces passing by. He takes the time to get to know each one of his students and remembers more details about their lives and aspirations than anyone could ever expect. He’s always smiling or laughing and never fails to brighten my day.”
—Business Student about Dr. Stuart Webber, Professor of Business, Leadership & Management

“My professor is visible and engaged with the student body. She displays a genuine concern for us as individuals and consistently goes above and beyond what is required of her, which is something every student can appreciate. As an adviser and teacher, she adeptly balances encouragement and criticism, drawing the best from her students at every stage while spreading her authentic passion for learning."
—Undeclared First Year Student about Annemarie Russell, Lecturer in English

“My professor is quiet, humble, and one of the most helpful people I’ve met. During finals week last semester, I watched him spend literally all day going over rough drafts of student papers, to edit and critique them, so that they could turn in a better paper. This is just one example of the type of thing he does but doesn’t have to do. He brings in his own personal books for students when he thinks it can help them with their assignments. He spends countless hours answering every question a student might ask on their reading report. He is willing to do this outside of class as well, if a student has a concern. He has a special ability to help people look at things from a different perspective without ever putting their view down. He is a compassionate human being, and a wonderful example of how a Christian should live.”
—Biblical Studies Student about Professor Jan Fekkes, Professor of Biblical Studies

Faculty Emeriti

The following individuals have been honored for their years of meritorious service to Trinity Lutheran College and the world beyond as faculty emerita/emeritus. The distinction, normally granted upon retirement from active service, is recommended by the college faculty and approved by the Board of Directors. The date indicates the year in which the honor was conferred.

Rev. Jacque Schweiss, Professor Emeritus (1988)
Dr. C. Jack Eichhorst, President Emeritus (1990)
Dr. Trygve R. Skarsten, President Emeritus (1994)
Patricia Lelvis, Professor Emerita (1997)
Dr. James A. Bergquist, President Emeritus (1999)
Rev. John Bergren, Professor Emeritus (2003)
Rev. Dr. Daniel Bloomquist, Professor Emeritus (2003)
Josee Jordan, Professor Emerita (2003)
Irene Hausken, Librarian Emerita (2003)
Rev. Dr. Lowell Stime, Academic Dean Emeritus (2008)
Dr. John Stamm, President Emeritus (2009)
Jean Wahlstrom, Academic Dean Emerita (2010)
Sue Houglum, Professor Emerita (2015)