General Studies Faculty

In addition to our regular faculty, we employ several highly skilled affiliate faculty members to teach general education courses. Many of these faculty have earned the highest possible degrees in their respected fields or are on the cutting edge of professional work and experiences. They bring to the classroom a commitment to faith-based education, academic rigor, and the same passion for teaching as you’ll find from our full-time faculty.

Rev. Jeff Driscoll

Rev. Jeff Driscoll
Affiliate Faculty in General Studies (English Composition)

Professor Driscoll, a popular English writing instructor is also an ordained Lutheran pastor, presently serving Peace Lutheran Church in Silvana, WA. He holds an M.Div. from Luther Seminary, as well as an M.A. in English from Western Washington University.

Remy Leonard, J.D.

Remy Leonard, J.D.
Affiliate Faculty in General Studies (Political Science)

Remy Leonard, an Everett native, is a former Deputy Prosecutor for Snohomish County. She continues as a practicing attorney and a frequent college instructor in criminal justice and political science. She holds a law degree from the University of Oregon.

Dr Ed Moats

Edwin F. Moats, J.D.
Affiliate Faculty in Math, Philosophy, Law and Logic

Before moving to Washington, Edwin F. Moats served as an Assistant District Attorney in Colorado and an Assistant Attorney General in Missouri. In Washington he has served as Policy Counsel for the House of Representatives and as Legislative Analyst for the Snohomish County Council. He also has 13 years of experience teaching mathematics, law, logic, and philosophy in Washington colleges. In addition to teaching, Moats is currently a registered lobbyist and serves as a public affairs consultant. Dr. Moats holds an M.S. in Mathematics from Western Washington University, an M.A. in Philosophy, University of Missouri and Colorado State University and a J.D. from Case Western Reserve University.

Remy Leonard, J.D.

Annemarie Russell
Affiliate Faculty in English Composition and Communications

Professor Russell seeks to improve students’ writing skills as an engaging English composition instructor and director of the college’s Writing & Tutoring Center. She also teaches courses in nonfiction and media writing. In addition to teaching, she is a singer/songwriter and recently released her fourth album. She holds a B.A. in Education from Whitworth University and an M.A. in English Literature from the University of Oregon.

Remy Leonard, J.D.

Dr. Paul Scotchmer
Affiliate Faculty in General Studies (Anthropology)

Paul Scotchmer (Ph.D., Drew University) works full time at World Vision, a Christian humanitarian organization serving in nearly 100 countries. Previously, Dr. Scotchmer served as Vice President for Programs and Development at the Zurich-based International Council for Higher Education. When time permits, he also teaches and writes on religion and culture.