Certificate Program in Children, Youth & Family Ministry

Certificate in Children Youth & Family Ministry

Program Overview

The Certificate Program in Children, Youth & Family Ministry is a three-week intensive leadership training program for children and youth ministry staff, Christian educators, pastors, and active volunteers … anyone interested in professional development in children, youth, and family ministry!

Class sessions are facilitated by multiple faculty in an engaging, discussion-rich environment.  Students freely ask questions and dive deep into issues that matter to them most.

Topics covered during the training include:

  • Biblical and theological foundations for faith formation
  • Methods for biblical study
  • Programming ideas for children, youth, family, and intergenerational ministries
  • Overview of human lifespan development, including children, adolescents, and adults
  • Basic pastoral care skills
  • Tips for program planning and administration
  • Strategic planning, including creation of a long-range program plan to share with your congregation

The non-credit certificate program provides a unique opportunity for children, youth, and family leaders to receive focused, intensive training in skills necessary for ministry with today’s young people and families.  Participants receive a Certificate in Children, Youth & Family Ministry, noting completion of 125 hours of instruction.

Need more information? Direct questions to Rev. Dave Ellingson at 425.249.4722 or email cyfcenter@tlc.edu.