Computer Information Systems Degree Requirements

Major in Computer Information Systems

I. General Prerequisites [16]

Introduction to Statistics [4]
Calculus [4]
Research Methods [4]
Physics [4]

II. Major Requirements [28]

Programming [4]
Network, Security and Ethics [4]
Databases [4]
Human Computer Interaction and Ethics [4]
Web Development [4]
Project Management [4]
Capstone [4]

III. Major Electives [20]

Video Game Development [4]
Advanced Video Game Development [4]
Animation (with Maya) [4]
Digital Sound (from Music Department) [4]
Data warehouse and Data mining [4]
Database Security and Forensics [4]
Advanced Network Security [4]
System Analysis [4]
Ethics and Cybercrime Law [4]
Business and Visual Communications** [4]
Internship [4]

Total major required credits [48]

** Major electives from Visual Communications and Business may be accepted if approved by the CIS and Department Chairs of the respective majors for students pursuing a minor in another field.

Minor in Computer Information Systems

Programming [4] and
Databases [4]

Select one of the following:
Human Computer Interaction and Ethics [4] or
Video Game Development [4]

Select two major electives from above [8]

*Courses in the General Prerequisites listed above do not apply to the minor.