Business, Leadership & Management Majors and Minors

Students in the Business, Leadership & Management major have the opportunity to focus their studies in one of three tracks.

Accounting: Develop the skills necessary to prepare, report, interpret and analyze financial statements.

Business Management: This track focuses on the skills and knowledge required for professional management with a strong foundation for leadership in business and government organizations. It prepares graduates for a vocation in small, medium, and large size businesses and emphasizes special expertise and adherence to strong ethical and moral principles.

Nonprofit Leadership and Management: This track offers special value to students interested in a career in the nonprofit sector. Students can enhance their undergraduate education to include preparation for occupations in nonprofit organizations, including government service, and graduate study in nonprofit administration. Nonprofits are one of the fastest growing employment sectors in the country, creating a high demand for graduates with skills to work for these diverse and exciting organizations.

Students also have the option to minor in Business Leadership and Management or Nonprofit Leadership and Management.