Business, Leadership & Management


What is it?

As a Business, Leadership & Management student, you will learn about the basic functional areas of business, including accounting, management, marketing, economics, and finance. You will also gain invaluable knowledge about how American companies and non-profit organizations function in our society.

Because you will be studying business at a Christian college, you will also integrate Christian values with business and non-profit management practices, preparing you to become an agent for positive change in whatever career you choose.

Business, Leadership & Management at Trinity

Business, Leadership & Management students choose from three tracks:

Accounting: Develop the skills necessary to prepare, report, interpret and analyze financial statements.

Business Management: In this track you will develop the skills and knowledge necessary to manage and lead in business and government. This track also heavily emphasizes the application of strong ethical and moral principles to business.

Nonprofit Leadership and Management: Obtaining a specialty in Nonprofit Leadership and Management will give you insight into the structure, challenges and contributions of the nonprofit world – a rapidly growing sector. This track will prepare you contribute to it.

What degree will I get?

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Business Management

What can I do with it?

Pursue graduate business school. Go into church marketing or management. Start a business. Launch a ministry. Work in a non-profit organization. Become a corporate executive.

Program Faculty

Business, Leadership & Management courses are taught by instructors who combine strong academic credentials with relevant work experience in the courses they teach. They are all professionals in their field and care deeply about teaching. Learn more about our department faculty and department head Dr. Stuart Webber.

Resume-building internships

Working closely with your advisor, you will choose an internship in a company or non-profit specifically tailored to your interests.