Alumni News

EPIC Term: Germany

For two weeks during EPIC Term, Stephen Marshall-Ward, professor & chair of music, took five music students on a two-week trip to Leipzig, Germany. While there, students completed a course entitled “Leipzig and Musical Innovation.”

Students explored not only the rich and complex history of the city of Leipzig, but also the lives of the musicians who had a part in shaping their love and appreciation of music, including musicians like Felix Mendelssohn and J.S. Bach. Click here to continue reading.

EPIC Term: Mexico

This past January, five Trinity students traveled to Cuernavaca, Mexico, accompanied by missionaries-in-residence Dr. Karen Scott and Ed Scott, to study immigration at CREAR, an interfaith collective creating global awareness and solidarity through research, critical analysis, experiential education and cross-border organizing.

During the 11-day trip, the students and faculty participated in an immersion program that exposed them to the issues around immigration, both from a U.S. and from a Mexican perspective. Their coursework examined the root causes of poverty and injustice, and the consequences of the global economy and financial policies on people and groups of people in Latin America. Click here to continue reading.

Trinity senior selected to speak at Governor's Prayer Breakfast

Christian Paige, a senior majoring in Graphic Design & Visual Communications, has been asked to speak at this year’s Governor’s Prayer Breakfast on Friday, March 6 in Olympia, Wash.

Paige came to Trinity on a scholarship from the Act Six program with initial plans to simply get an education and move on with his life. However, over the course of the last four years, Paige has been changed by his experiences, the support he has received, and the opportunities he’s had to grow and succeed.

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View video of Christian's speech on Facebook.